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While fulfilling your purpose

Transforming your time with God from ineffective obligation
powerful delight

Why Coaching?


Coaching is a unique relationship that closely resembles the teaching style Jesus used when He was training His disciples. Jesus asked a lot of questions to help people deeply think through the topics He was teaching. He gave instruction and worked in everyday life experiences and the struggles of real people.


Jesus' ministry was not just about spreading information. He came to apply the truth and set people free. 

As a faith coach, I also ask a lot of questions to help you uncover your own thoughts, beliefs, values and desires.


I will help you learn and apply methods for organizing your time with God.


We will choose a book of the Bible to study and work on skills for making the most of your time with God.


You will learn and practice the art of using Greek and Hebrew dictionaries to help you go really deep into the meaning of the Words of God.


I will share with you the method I use for organizing my prayers into a 31-day format.

As you work through all these new rhythms and skills, we will talk through your current experiences to bring your life into alignment with the truth. 


At the end of my life, of all that people could say about me, I hope that the first thing they would say is, "She loved spending time with God."

I want that for you too!

Is a coach right for me?

Do you feel any of these words to describe you? 

  • Stuck

  • Plateaued

  • Unfulfilled

  • Confused

  • Surviving

  • "I know there's more to God, faith or the church than this"

  • "Why can't I get past this?"

  • "Surely there is more to life than this"

  • Discouraged

  • Bored

If any of those thoughts have run through your mind, then a Faith Coaching relationship may be the next right choice for you. Contact me today. Let me know the best way to connect with you and we can get you set up for a no obligation, complimentary coaching session. 

It would be my privilege to come alongside you, in a coaching relationship, marked by humility and authenticity, to discover and uncover the masterpiece God has created you to be. 

Faith Coach- Melissa Miller

What's included?

When you enter my Faith Coaching program, you will have access to all the resources and course materials available here on my website!


31 Days of Prayer Challenge

 - A practical guide to creating a sustainable and comprehensive prayer journal that you can use and reuse every month for the rest of your life! Learn to pray strategically for every person, problem and organization you can think of! Learn how to think forward to pray offensively, rather than only defensively. Learn to listen to the Spirit leading you in prayer and how to use Scripture in your prayers. 

The Words of God Course

This is a brief course that takes you through simple ways to use the original languages of the Bible when you study it! When I learned how to study the meaning of the words in the Greek and the Hebrew, it was like the Bible unzipped and invited me into depths full of treasures! It is so easy to look up words in the original languages and there are free online sites and apps that make the process accessible to anyone. 

Personal Reflection Journal

When you sign up for coaching, you will have access to the Personal Reflection Journal - Being and Making Disciples that Reflect the Heart of God. This journal is born from my own journey of learning how to be a disciple of Jesus. When I came to a point in my life when I was ready to dig into the Bible and discover for myself what it said, the Holy Spirit met me in the quiet space of that room. I have returned to my space every day since then and am constantly amazed at the depths, treasures and beauties I have discovered in God's Word! He will meet you too! ​

The journal includes brief teaching pages just to explain why each section is critical to growing your faith. 

It also includes PDF's that you can copy as often as you need as your study grows and your notes grow. 

  • Who is God - Learn to search out the character of God the Father, Son and Spirit

  • Who Does God Say I Am - Learn to search your own identity according to your Creator

  • The Truth About Lies - Learn to identify the lies yuu are believing and the truths you need to fight them

  • Facing Fear - Learn to identify the fears you face and the character traits of God that will free you from their grasp

  • Jesus’ Questions - Learn pay attention the questions Jesus asked people and allow Him to ask you the same questions and work through your responses

  • Failures and Lessons - Learn to reframe the failures in your past the way God frames them, learn from them and use them to reach your created potential

  • What are Your Objectives - Learn to identify your life objectives to use as helpful guides for your life

  • What do I Value - Learn to identify and evaluate your core values

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is Like - Learn to let Jesus’ teaching instruct you about the Kingdom of Heaven so that you can bring it into your now life now

  • Thankfulness - Learn to be mindful of all the good things in your life and be thankful for them 

Together we will talk through what God is teaching you, and how to take those truths and apply them to your life, whatever you are going through. ​


What people have said...

"Melissa has a unique gift of discernment and has been able to speak the truth of God's word into specific situations in my life"

"Working with Melissa changed my life"

"Rather than spouting off her own opinion, she guided me through situations with both gentleness and firmness."

"She taught me how to really dig in and study the Word"

"Melissa taught me how to think, reflect and live courageously"

Wet Paintbrushes

"The world is your studio

Life is your canvas

You are the masterpiece!" 

Stone Wall

Have things happened that have made you question what you really believe?

Do you wonder who God really is, and who you are?

Do you feel confused or stuck?

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of the Bible, God and yourself?

Do you want to have a vibrant relationship with God, but struggle when it's time sit with Him in prayer and Bible study? 

Are you ready to make your time with God the best part of your day, every day?

Let's get started!


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