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Creating Beauty. Nourishing Souls.

Pause     Connect   Create 

  1. Just paint and have fun

  2. Includes painting supplies and instruction. Turn any gathering into a paint party

  3. 2 hrs.

  4.  $35.00 per person ( minimum 6 people)

Pause and Create
  1. Creative Spiritual Gathering - Paint, and  self-reflect through the creative process alongside friends

  2. Includes, painting supplies and  instruction. Also includes a reflection  journal and guided integration of the    creative process and reflection.

  3. 3 hrs.

  4. $55.00 per person (minimum 6 people)

Pause, Create, Connect
  1. Creative Spiritual Retreat - Paint, self-reflect through the creative process and connect with friends through intentional and authentic conversation.

  2. Includes painting supplies and instruction. Includes a reflection journal and guided integration of the creative process. Usually followed by a meal with guided intentional connection with friends. Reflect with one another in authentic conversation over good food.

  3. Contact me for more details. 

"Your life is an occasion. Rise to it. "

-Mr.Edward Magorium ,Avid Shoe Wearer:

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