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#9 Make It Fun!

Have you ever taken a Myers Briggs, test? How about the DISC or Enneagram? What were your results? I am a 9, the Peacemaker, on the Enneagram. Phlegmatic. Even keel. That’s how I remember being described even as a kid. Rarely given to too high of highs or too low of lows. The downside, for me, is that sometimes I can let my phlegmatic, practical self undermine my chance at just having some fun. Though, if I were to take these tests now, they may be a little different. But, I need to be aware of how my personality affects my family, especially when we are in isolation together. I don’t want to let my lack of enthusiasm act like cold water to a blaze of enthusiasm in my kids! How does your personality affect the culture of your home?

On our first date, my husband to be, he took me to my first Christian rock concert. We saw Third Day. He cheered loudly, sang along, jumped at the high energy songs and shouted for the encore. Wow! This man was full of life and energy. And I had fun! I knew that life with this man would not be boring. And, I was right. His presence in our home makes everything more fun. Our kids have thankfully inherited this sense of humor, fun and energy. Our dinner table is often full of laughter. Our son tells silly, witty jokes. Our daughter makes up, “table games.” And my husbands ability to make puns and jokes from the most innocent of statements keeps us all laughing, or rolling our eyes with grins. I love my family. I love their unique laughs. I love their smiles and shoulder shaking giggles; the kind you just can’t control.

We sing karaoke, watch old episodes of Get Smart and have push-up contests. Last week we finally decided to get Corn Hole. It’s a yard game that puts us all on a somewhat even playing field. I am eternally thankful for my family and the fun they create.

So here is my tip for today. Have fun! So you’re isolated from your usual “go to” fun activities and people. Now is your opportunity to reimagine fun. Reimagine your home. Reimagine your yard. What fun, silly, adventurous and creative ways can you find to have new kinds of fun with one another?

Remember those times when there is a big thunderstorm and the electricity goes out? Our kids think that’s the greatest thing ever! We clamor for the candles and their imaginations kick into overdrive. “We can cook on the fire pit.” “We can play board games all night.” “ We can have a campout in the living room. “ (thankfully we have not yet had to sleep on the floor in the living room all night) But, you get the idea. The unexpected inconvenience of not having electricity turns into an opportunity for all kinds of adventure. So what grand adventures and simple fun can you embrace during this inconvenient time of social isolation? What will make you smile? What would make someone you care about smile? What will help you and your loved ones to laugh? Embrace these. After all, laughter is very good medicine.

Until tomorrow, I hope you see what God has placed in your life to bless your soul.


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