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Give Thanks...not repayment

"In everything give thanks."

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Greek - Eucharisto

Eu = good xaris = grace

Thanks (eucharisto) is acknowledging that God's graces work well!

Being grateful prompts the giving of thanks.

-Being is a state of being, an inner reality.

-Giving is doing and action, an outer demonstration.

Acknowledging the character and benefits of God towards me prompts a response. The proper response is an expression of thanksgiving. To say, "Thank you", acknowledges the value of a gift given and received. With God the gift is always good grace. Thanksgiving also acknowledges the generosity of the giver.

Giving thanks in return for ones generosity is NOT an attempt to match the gift in equal measure by repayment; thereby relieving the feeling of owing the giver something in return for their gift. In fact, such attempts to repay the giver devalues their generosity and the gift itself. Repayment also nullifies your acceptance of the gift. Repayment turns the gift into a transaction. This is what happens when we believe our sense of gratitude to God should prompt us to live our life trying to live up to the gift by doing good things. We cannot and should not attempt to repay God for His food grace. Instead of trying to give repayment through good works, give thanks. Giving thanks acknowledges the value of the giver, the value of the gift and brings honor to the giver.

Gratefully accept God's good graces with expressions of thanks rather than repayment of good works. And consequently, His grace will transform you and you will end up doing the good you were tempted to do in the first place. The good works become a natural overflow and product of grace rather than repayment of grace!

When you recognize a gift from God and feel gratitude, overcome your temptation to repay Him. Instead, give thanks!


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