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Life is built upon values. Whether we realize it or not, we make every single decision in life based on values! It's mind-boggling really! When your amazing brain and body go through a single day, all day long you make decisions by continuously weighing your values.

     Consider a simple trip to the grocery store. Every item you decide to place in your cart represents a combintion of your values. Health, taste, cost, occasions, convenience... the things you value more or less determine every scrap of food in your home! 

     Now consider something a little weightier. Your relationships. Every interraction of every relationship is also a reflection of your values. How you treat people, how you allow yourself to be treated, who you choose to spend time with and how you choose to spend your time all flow from you core values! 

      If, however, you feel a sense of anxiety or weight in your life, it may be that you are living your life based on another persons value system, and contary to your own.

     Knowing your own Core Values is such a critical part of knowing yourself and leading the life you were created to live! It is learning to understand the unique and wonderful way God made you and intentionally embracing the life you were meant to live! 

     Download this Free resource. It is my gift to you. Learning my core values has changed my life and continues to guide my life today. Print the worksheets and take the time to sit with them. Ask God to show you what is inside your heart and mind. And begin to live the wonderful life He created you for! 

Discovering Your Core Values

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