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This is a guide that will help you move your prayers from being mostly reactive, like playing defense, to proactive, like playing offense.  The Strategic Prayer Plan is a tool to help you stradegize and organize your prayers in a 31 day format.  It is a sustainable system that can bring life to your prayers, and peace and strength to your heart, soul and mind. Learn how to use scripture to pray for yourself, your loved ones and anything else you want to pray about. Learn how to be very intentional and faithful without the burden of trying to pray for everything all at once.  Leverage the compound effect of time and the power of intentionality. Learn how to listen to the Spirit and pray cooperatively with what God is doing. Create an immovable habit of prayer in your life using this system. 


This printable guide will act as a springboard for you as you build your prayer plan. Included are thrity-one mini devotionals to encourage you to consider various aspects of life to consider including in your plan. They are designed to begin with the closest sphere of prayer, yourself and day by day move further and further out taking you from your close loved one and friends to ends of the earth. This step-by-step guide will help you take what seems at first to be an overwhelming task, praying for everything you want to pray for, to a completely manageable and clear pathway. 

By the end of the 31 days of prompts, your Strategic Prayer Plan will be well on it's way. It will be a solid foundation for your daily and monthly prayers for many years to come. 


This is one investment of your time that you will never regret. It will bring dividends of goodness and righteousness that will extend beyong what you can comprehend this side of Heaven. 

Prompts for Individual Strategic Prayer Plan

  • This document is copyrighted by Bless My Soul Studios LLC. It is for your personal use only. It is not for resale or reproduction purposes. You may make as many copies as you need for your personal use. 

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