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Discipleship isn't a term we use or hear very often. Jesus told us we were to be His disciples. The last thing He told us was to go and make disciples. What does that mean?


Being a disciple of someone means to place yourself under the tutelage of that person. It means spending so much time with them and learning from them that you begin to act, talk and think like them. 


How can we be disciples and learn from Jesus? He gave us the Holy Spirit to be our teacher and He gave His Word, the Bible, to instruct us. 

But, practically speaking, how do we do this? 


When we lived overseas in West Africa, this was my question too. It was in the stillness and the isolation of our home in West Africa that the Spirit began to teach me how to be discipled by Him and how to disciple others. 


This journal is the culmination of years of learning and honing my own process for learning from the Holy Spirit and the Bible. This is the very process He took me through, and I continue to use it to this day. It is an organized and intentional method for diving into Scripture and recording what God teaches us.


 It is not like a typical Bible study that instructs you on what book to read, gives you lessons, questions and a schedule. The contents of your journal will be the product of your time studying the Bible and listening to the Spirit as He teaches you.  The journal is just the place to record what you learn in an organized way. It guides you in a broad way so that you can practice intentionally looking, seeing, listening and hearing. 


When I am  coaching someone in their faith (discipleship) I ask them to agree to not use commentaries or other teaching sources as long as we are meeting. In our culture there are so many voices trying to get our attention. The volume of our world seems to be getting louder and louder. We so easily lose track of what the voice of the Spirit sounds like in our hearts. We have to learn again what His voice sounds like so that we can know what He is teaching us. 


Decide which book of the Bible you want to study. Begin reading it slowly. Use the journal to record what you find in the various categories, and what the Spirit is teaching you. 


Clarity and understanding comes when I take the time to write and document what I am learning. It is such a valuable practice! God has used it to transform my life in so many ways. What He has planned for you is equally transformative in ways you can't imagine! 


Journal Contents

Skills and Preparation - Spending time with God and being a good disciple requires some skills and planning. I'll take you through just a few basic skills and preparations you should consider like, cross-refrencing, using dictionaries and how to make your time with God worshipful!


Gospel - It means Good News. Jesus was spreading the Gospel years before He died and rose from the dead. So, what was He teaching us? What is the Godpel according to Jesus? 


Who is God - Learn to search out the character of God the Father, Son and Spirit


Who Does God Say I Am - Learn to search your your own identityaccording to your Creator


The Truth About Lies - Learn to identify the lies you are believing and the truths you need to fight them


Facing Fear - Learn to identify the fears you face and the character traits of God that will free you from their grasp


The Kingdom of Heaven is Like - Learn to let Jesus’ teaching instruct you about the Kingdom of Heaven so that you can bring it into your now life now


Resolved -Based on what you keep learning from your time with God, what are you resolved to in your life?  


One Voice - The Art of Spending Time with God

  • Your purchase of the Reflection Journal entitle you to make as many copies of the pages as you need for your own personal use. 

    It is not to be copied for distribution to any other person or group of persons.

    It is not to be resold or repurposed in any way. 

    The The Reflection Journal, its’ compilation and copy are the sole creation of Melissa Miller and are under copyright of Bless My Soul Studios LLC. It is not for replication or individual sale, except through

    Copyright 2020


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