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Sunflowers are, in my opinion, the happiest flower.  When we returned to live in the US five years ago, I quickly began to plant patches of sunflowers in my yard. Wherever I could find a patch of earth, I buried the precious seeds and hoped they would grow; and they did! They grew tall and strong, with blooms that made me and the birds smile:D My first sunflower patches grew very well! At the end of the summer I harvested the flower heads and let them dry through the winter. Then I scraped the seeds from the flower and packaged them until the following spring. With hope, I planted my seeds, and they grew again! They were as strong and plentious as the previous years harvest. This is a rhythm I have come to deeply enjoy, and now share with you. 

My seed packets are harvested right from my own sunflower patch. They have been lovingly protected and packaged so that you can begin your own happy patch of sunflowers! 



Sunflower Seed Packet

Expected to ship by May 1!
  • Plant the seeds either in a starter pot before the last frost, or directly in the ground after the final frost. 

    Plant your seeds in a place the gets lots of sunshine all day long. 

    Plant them about 6 inches apart, about 3 inches deep and in good soil.

    Water the seeds every other day or so until they are about 6 inches tall. 

    Watch out for deer! They love the taste of sunflowers when they are small:/


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