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What is a Coach?

"A coach is a person who meets you where you are and helps you get to where you want to be."
The Power of Coaching
What is a Coach
What will we do during the coaching sessions?
  • Discover Who God is through a study of the Bible

  • Discover Who You Are according to God

  • Identify your Core Values

  • Uncover Lies you are believing and the Truths to combat them

  • Identify the Fears that are holding you back and the power of God's love to set you free

  • Determine your Life's Personal Objectives

  • Learn to understand and live the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven

  • Answer the Questions Jesus Asked when He was on Earth.

  • Learn to dig deeper in the Scriptures by studying the words of the Original Languages

  • Learn to apply all these truths in practical day to day living that will bring deep and lasting growth and change!

*You will work through these using downloadable resource pages

Best Friends

What is

a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone trained to help you mine the treasures  inside of you so that you can turn your potential into performance. Turn living into thriving. Through regular and intentional conversations you will clarify your goals, uncover what may be holding you back and make specific plans to move forward.  

What is a Faith Coach?

A faith coach is someone trained to help you grow your faith in ways that produce real transformation. Through intentional conversations you will discover your deeply held beliefs and values. You will identify what is holding you back and move into the abundant life God has prepared for you. 

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What is a Faith Coach
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How can

a Coach help me?

Coaching is a unique and intentional relationship that is all about YOU! You have been uniquely created with talents and gifts which, when given proper care, will continue to grow throughout your entire life. You have potential that likely far exceeds your present vision. Inside of you are possibilities, dreams and goals that are yours for the finding, cultivating and the living. A coach will  help you turn those possibilities into reality.


"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God."

-Leo Buscaglia

How can a coach help me

What a Life Coach Isn't...

Coaching is not about your past. A coaching conversation will look to the past only to find context that will inform the present and set a course for change in the future. 

Coaching is not appropriate for:

   -People with dependencies such as drugs and alcohol

    -Therapy for people who have suffered abuse

    -A shoulder to cry on

    -People who are abusing others

    -People who are experiencing mental illness


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