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Personal Growth

You were created in the image of God.

The implications of that reality are mind-blowing! Consider this, since God is eternal, we who enjoy relationship with Him through Jesus get to 'get to know Him' forever! As a creation made in His image, there is no end to you either. And, I'm not just talking about your soul, though that is true. I'm talking about who you were created to be. Your potential.  Every day is a chance to learn something new. And when you learn, your world expands and gives you room to grow. And when you are growing, you're changing. You're becoming your potential. 


I met Melissa while serving in Togo Africa. She was someone I immediately felt I wanted to learn from. She has a way of living and loving others with an intentionality that is rare. I began meeting with Melissa weekly to study God’s word and learned immensely from her in the months our lives overlapped in Togo Africa. We would sit on her back porch, bibles and journals open along with our hearts and minds to receive and learn from God’s word. Melissa has a unique gift of discernment and has been consistently able to speak the truth of God’s word into specific situations in my life. I am so grateful to God for the time I was able to spend learning from Melissa. She has been a constant source of encouragement and wisdom.


I’m not exaggerating when I say working with Melissa changed my life. I originally asked her to mentor me because I wanted very specific advice. Melissa took a different route, though: she asked provoking questions that made me re-consider some life principles that I thought I had mastered. Rather than spouting off her own opinion, she guided me through situations with both gentleness and firmness. I came to my own conclusions about what needed to change in my life, which motivated me to take true ownership of my circumstances. Melissa taught me how to think, reflect and live courageously. I will always be thankful for her investment in my life.

  of  personal  growth 


“The heart-work I did with Melissa has had a significant impact on my life and my relationship with the Lord. Most valuably, she taught me how to really dig in and study the Word, which is critical to developing a better understanding of the Lord and drawing closer to Him. Talking through my life experiences with her was also helpful, as she provided insight and a healthy perspective. I am truly blessed to have had the privilege of working with Melissa.”

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