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 Growing today

Choose the path that's

right for you...

You know the areas where you need to grow and make changes...


You're ready to gain traction and grow your in faith journey...  

You know you're ready to make personal growth a way of life...

You want to try a Coaching Session for FREE...

Find your Path
  • Weekly 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

  • Journal Prompts and Exercises 

  • Light Email communication between sessions as needed 

  • Help identifying your biggest hurdles and most cherished values.

  • Action plans that align with your values and propel you over and past the hurdles.

​Of Special Interest...
  • Preparing for Marriage
  • Marriage
  • New Mom
  • Transitions
  • Isolation
  • Personal Health & Wellness
Personalized Approach

You know there is more inside of you that is yet to be found. There are dreams, gifts, ideas, relationships and jobs that are waiting for you to show up! But things of life have held you back; perhaps from even daring to look that deep, or perhaps from running with it. A personalized coaching  relationship will help you tune into who you were created to be, and help you live it out more fully than ever before. 

  • Weekly 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

  • Downloadable Personal Reflection  Journal

  • Light Email communication between sessions as needed 

  • Discover and encounter the character of God

  • Uncover the lies and fears that are holding you hostage from living abundantly

​Of Special Interest...
  • Discovering the Character of God
  • Personal Identity 
  • Transition in Ministry
  • International Service
  • Personal Faith Growth
  • Faith Discovery
Faith Approach

Maybe you are a seasoned person of faith, but you have hit a plateau or are not sure how to grow in this season of isolation, confusion and change. Maybe a life of faith is something you are considering. You have a desire to learn more in a safe environment where judgment is never a welcome part of the conversation. A faith coaching relationship can help you get from wherever you are, to growing and thriving in your relationship with God.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 12.37.39

"The specifics of growth change from person to person, but the principles are the same for every person." - John Maxwell, 

  • Weekly 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

  • Downloadable Workbook

  • Light Email communication between sessions as needed 

  • Discover the framework of personal growth

  • Create action plans that turn learning into living

​Of Special Interest...
  • Finding value in yourself
  • Consistency and motivation
  • Intentionality
  • The benefits of reflection
  • Growing through pain
  • The power of, "Why"
15 Laws of Growth

Are you ready to step into the growth lane of life? Have you spent enough time and energy coasting with the crowds and going wherever life seems to direct you? Are you ready to learn the principles of growth and begin to lead your life rather than just letting life lead you? A coaching relationship that works through John Maxwells insightful book will help you to jumpstart your resolve to fully live. 

15 Laws

FREE Trial

Test the waters.... Leap!

If you're like me, you don't want to jump into anything if you can't see exactly what you're jumping into. There's a lot of wisdom in that. So, this is your chance to "put your toes into the waters" and test it out. This is a 30 minute virtual coaching session for free. There is no obligation. The purpose is for you to see if a coaching relationship will be right for you.

Jumping into the Water
Complimentary Coaching Session
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